Chapter 1 What is traumatic grief?

Cognitive effects of grief and trauma

“Families see people who are tied down, looking awful, puffed up with fluid. It is very traumatic, for example, when they see a young person who is broken from head to toe”. – ICU Social Worker

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Two distinct psychological phenomena that can occur as a result of trauma that are common and not usually an indication of psychosis are:

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Depersonalization Derealization

When a person feels separated or detached from their mind, feelings, or body. Some people feel that they are observing themselves from outside their own body.

Feeling apart or removed from one’s surroundings such that the person feels they are living in a dream.
















What is the difference between depersonalization and derealization? A family member might refer to detachment from their body (depersonalization), and/or from the external world (derealization).