Chapter 2: Where are you vulnerable?

When you over-identifying with the situation or a person

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When scenarios hit close to home(3:22)Video transcript

“The same week my mother had a heart attack, I was back at work and a patient I admitted had a cardiac event. My patient was going through the same thing my mom was. I had a hard time putting it aside”. – ICU Nurse

Sometimes the line between your life inside and outside of ICU blurs. Quite often, overidentification with a clinical situation happens at a subconscious level and you may not recognize it immediately.

 To become more aware of how your beliefs and experiences might impact how you care for patients and their families, reflect on:

Although over-identifying can be harmful/painful, your experiences can also give you insight into the experiences of the families you’re working with. As a result, you may develop deeper connection and empathy and be better attuned to their needs.

When grief and trauma become personal